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Search Engine Optimization | SEO Tools

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most important step to help insure free search engine traffic .

Search engine optimization can be easy when using powerful SEO tools created by real search engine developers.™ provides both free and premium SEO tools to help our visitors achieve their search engine ranking goals.

Why are™ SEO tools better than all others? The simple answer is because we are a search engine . As a search engine we have an insider's understanding of how search engines work.™ has been on the Internet longer than Google™ and we've outlasted many other search engines. Our goal was never to be a Google and sell expensive advertising. Our efforts have always been to help others achieve top search engine rankings and harvest free search engine traffic.

All™ SEO tools are developed in-house! Nobody has the ability to bring you these powerful SEO tools except us. Others have tried to copy what we've been doing for years, but nothing comes close to what our tools have been doing to help Website owners since 1996 . You have to be careful where you get your information from on the Internet. Here at™ we maintain our own in-house data center. We are real people with real human experts who devote hundreds of hours every week researching and developing the most powerful SEO tools on the Internet. We are not some fly-by-night virtually hosted Website run by Wallstreet investors or by someone only interested in taking your money. Compare us with anything else out there and you will find we do it better and we care. In fact, if you find anything out there you think is better than what you find here, we want know about it.

Free SEO Tools Explained

Below is an overview of our most popular free SEO tools which are used by millions of Website owners every day. As you use our free tools, you should soon realize our free SEO tools are much more accurate and provide you with truly valuable information that no other free SEO tools on the Net can. This will be your first clue that where you get your information from can make all the difference between your success or your failure.

Free Meta Tag Builder

Meta Tags are used to help specify a Web page's description, keywords, language and other important information to search engines and the human visitor. Our freely available Meta Tag Builder is one of the most important and free SEO tool you may use here. Our Meta Tag Builder will help you create 100% "search engine friendly " Titles and search engine Meta Tags that all major search engines utilize . If you're visiting search engine optimization sites that claim Meta Tags including the Meta Description Tags are not used by the major search engines, then that search engine optimization site should be avoided. Don't take our word for it, visit Open Window Icon Google ™ or Open Window Icon Yahoo! ® and see what they have to say about optimizing Meta Tags.

Free Meta Tag Analyzer

After using our free Meta Tag Builder you need to check your Web page to make sure the work you did is correct. While not nearly as powerful as our Web Page Analyzer , our free Meta Tag Analyzer will verify your Web page Title and Meta Tags to make sure they are "search engine friendly ". And if you pay close attention to what the Meta Tag Analyzer reports, you will benefit greatly from it. Our free Meta Tag Analyzer is still the most powerful and complete Meta Tag Analyzer on the Net!

Free Easy Submit - URL Submission Tool

Our free Easy Submit program is not necessarily considered a SEO tool. Easy Submit is actually a search engine marketing (SEM) and URL submission tool. Easy Submit is something you would use after applying SEO to your Website. Easy Submit is an awesome URL submission tool that mimics a human submission making Easy Submit one of the best URL submission tools on the Net. Submissions made using desktop software or submission tools where you do not witness the submission process are often ignored by search engines. This means the time and money you may spend using these tools may be wasted. With our Easy Submit tool you can submit your Website to all major search engines in just a few minutes and you witness the entire process. Easy Submit was first introduced by us in 1996 and is still the submission tool of choice by SEO experts.

If you find any of our free SEO tools useful would you please provide a link from your Web page? Here's the HTML to use:

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The above HTML code will produce the following link:

Free SEO Tools

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The above HTML code will produce the following link:

Free SEO Tools

Premium SEO Tools Explained

Besides our free tools, we also offer premium search engine optimization tools. The tools offered in the Member's area of our site are for SEO services or Website owners who are serious about search engine marketing (SEM). Many of the SEO tools we offer here have taken hundreds if not thousands of hours to develop and maintain and are not like the toys you may find elsewhere on the Internet. Our tools were created in-house by search engine developers who obviously know and understand how search engines work.

Powerful SEO tools are great, but learning how to use them and how to implement these powerful SEO tools and techniques are even more important to your success. Our step-by-step instructions and our exclusive Member's only Web Page Analyzer and other SEO Webmaster tools will provide even the novice user with NO HTML experience , the information and ethical techniques to rank high in all major search engines.

To get started right away, click the [ Become a STW SEO Member ] button below:

Keyword Density & Search Engine Optimization

A high keyword density does NOT mean top rankings. In fact, a high keyword density can actually lower your search engine rankings. Getting the right keyword density mix is the answer. Our Keyword Density Analyzer and our drag-and-drop Keyword Density Manipulizer™ makes search engine optimization easy. Use the wrong search engine optimization tools and you may never achieve high rankings in search engines .

Every Website's keyword density requirements for higher rankings are different. But you don't need to worry because we provide tutorials and discussions on how to discover the right keyword density mix that's right for your site. Between our Keyword Density Manipulizer™ and Keywords Research tools, you will find it much easier to achieve the right keyword density mix for your Website. It can't get easier than this.

(X)HTML Validation & Search Engine Optimization

Our (X)HTML Validator™ and Correction Tool can validate your Web pages per Internet standards and automatically correct the errors for you! This is important for search engine optimization because valid HTML helps search engines understand your Web page better. Some HTML errors can cause search engines to not discover or rank your keywords correctly. This can result in your Web page being burried in their search results. Correcting HTML errors can help your site be indexed properly by search engines and make it easier for people to find you. Having access to a powerful tool capable of correcting these errors for you is invaluable.

Our Member's Meta Tag Builder

Our Member's Meta Tag Builder is very similar to our free Meta Tag Builder, but this version also has the ability to automatically insert your newly created Title & Meta Tags into your Web page's (X)HTML source for you! This helps insure you don't make errors and insures your Title & Meta Tags are search engine friendly. As far as we know, this tool is the first of its kind and the only tool like it on the Internet.

Quick Review of Our Most Popular Member SEO Tools

Below are a few of our most popular SEO Webmaster tools used by our Members.

  • Web Page Analyzer - discover how search engines rank your Web pages; compare yourself with your competition and get ahead.
  • Keyword Density Analyzer - see what keywords are consider important.
  • Keyword Density Manipulizer™ - manipulate your keywords & get the right mix. Just drag-and-drop your Website to the top of search engine.
  • (X)HTML Validator™ and Correction Tool - make your Web pages error free automatically .
  • Sitemap Generator Tool - help search engines discover your entire Website.
  • Sitemap Submission Tool - tell search engines about your sitemap.
  • Keywords Research Tool - discover relevant keywords that help draw quality traffic to your site.
  • Member version of Easy Submit - submit ALL your URLs to more search engines and as often as you like.
  • Member version of Meta Tag Builder . - includes advanced features not found in our free version. Plus it can automatically insert your Title & Meta Tags into your Web page's (X)HTML source for you!

For a more complete list of Member SEO tools and benefits, click here .

To get started right away, click the [ Become a STW SEO Member ] button below:

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